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Business Deal on Twitter by Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the Canadian American business magnate had his recent business commitment on Twitter; after his public declaration of fixing the Australia's blackout in 100 days by installing $25 million worth of battery storage. This was a business deal he concluded on Twitter with Mike Cannon-Brookes,

Musk responded by tweeting: "Tesla will get the system installed and working 100 days from contract signature or it is free. That serious enough for you?"

He quoted a price of $250 per kilowatt hour for 100 megawatt hour systems, which would imply a price of $25 million for the battery packs.

"You're on mate. Give me 7 days to try and sort out politics & funding," tweeted Cannon-Brookes. Excerpt from Sonali Paul article (Reuters)

When last did you conduct business deal on any social media? How can you leverage the social media and e-commerce opportunities to create value? Do you follow successful entrepreneurs in maximizing the effectiveness of social platforms? How do you fish for new business deals? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Activating the potential of social media for my business

Quit being myopic:

If you are yet to comprehend that conventional marketing is fast losing its grip on millennial thinkers, then, you need to quit being myopic. Business deals for millennial thinkers have varied operations from conventional setting. Yes, deals have been settled on gulf field, after business meal and even after soccer match.These are conventional settings. Now, entrepreneurs settle business deals via electronic media.

B2B EM- Electronic marketplace has made considerable tools to facilitate good transactions among businesses. One of these tools is the social media. Organizations find most of their customers through the it. So, whether you are a start up company or medium scale venture and you are seriously considering new business deals, effective usage of social platforms may enhance your quest. gives a review of different social media available

Get acquainted by training:

Are you a visionary entrepreneur? Do you know that social media platforms are feeds to whatever business or industry you are in? As a business, it is important to build global customer lists, this can be done via different social media tools and it entails the use of diverse EMS-Electronic Marketing Strategies.

Your EMS must be based on your organizational goals and your target audience or clients. One of your marketing strategies must entails a strong campaign on social media platforms. However, not all social media platforms can be maximized for your company.

This is because your EMS is structured by your goals and target clients, therefore it's essential to start with those social platforms where these two elements that is, EMS and target clients can be maximized. If your prospective clients are youth, then pull out a strategy and promote it in their social media hangout.

The ROI (Return on investment) of the campaign is highly dependent on the strategies and skills used during the campaign. Each social platform has its own peculiarities and it takes training to optimize its productivity. So, to optimize your goals using them you must be trained or get a trained personnel to engage in this task.

Follow the lead:

The marketplace has wheeled around from conventional tactics. Your clients are no more naïve to buy at your beck and call but they are quite intelligent and they are surrounded by wealth of information. Therefore,businessmen must skillfully hangout where their leads do. For a company to maximize the strategy of following its leads, it must understand these three things.

The principle that men (generic) are wealth:

The bottom line of social media is built on this principle. Great businesses constantly factor in this knowledge, that their survival is men based and they therefore endeavour to treat their customers nicely. The same principle governs those who maximize deals from it. Treat your potential leads nicely.

They are value driven:

Most campaigns done by different businesses end up in the trash box. This is because most vendors are product conscious not people conscious. Before you ever sell to your leads add value to them by your value driven contents. Develop trust in your leads who trust you with their email addresses. Don't force them to buy your product rather meet their needs.

They reciprocate kindness:

Having done this, you can trust your leads will reciprocate your gesture with their patronage.

Millennial tools:

There are over 50 social media tools that can be used to maximize and boost your business performance and profitability. Get acquainted with them.

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