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[Early adopters have the potential to make trillions of dollars in the coming years]

Selby Jennings to Join Panel at AI & Emerging Technology for Finance

Date: 30 September 2019

We are delighted to announce that Jesse Skaff, Vice President – Client Relations at Selby Jennings, has been invited to speak on a panel at AI & Emerging Tech for Finance hosted by Corinium Global Intelligence. This event, hosted at the Convene on 101 Greenwich Street, New York, NY from November 12-13. The event will explore the role that technology, particularly AI, plays in the finance and how it will impact the future of the industry. 

Many see AI as a natural step in the evolution of big data analytics and few industries have embraced related emerging technologies, or have more potential to gain from it than the finance community. Early adopters have the potential to make trillions of dollars in the coming years- which makes it even more crucial for organizations to be in the know and on the cutting edge. AI & Emerging Tech for Finance will bring together senior executives from investment houses, funds, wealth managers and investment banks to discuss the most strategic way forward to best embrace the new status quo. 

Skaff will participate in a panel called “Developing Talent and Increasing Diversity in the Industry”, which will explore some of the most pressing challenges faced by finance industry. Earlier this year, Selby Jennings’ Managing Director of North America , Oliver Cooke, moderated a similar panel at QuantMinds International in Vienna, which discussed challenges and opportunities for gender diversity in quant finance. The emphasis on these topics highlights the need to continue the conversation on improving diversity across finance globally.  

“Diversity & Inclusion is not just a leading initiative for hiring talented professionals, it is a principal paradigm that is sweeping the globe. Recognizing and promoting the importance of diversity in thought, character, and individuals in and outside of the workplace is a positive step for industry and humanity,” Skaff states.

Joining the “Developing Talent and Increasing Diversity in the Industry” discussion group are an esteemed selection of speakers, including Jess Stauth, Managing Director, Fidelity Labs at Fidelity Investments, and Kathryn Zhao, Global Head of Electronic Trading at Cantor Fitzgerald.


Registration for AI & Emerging Tech for Finance is now open. Enjoy an exclusive 15% discount for the event using the code “Selby15”. Click below to learn more and secure your ticket. 

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