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Goldman Sachs Internship 2020| How ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker works | Internship MUST...🙃🤫

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

(Series 3 of 3)

Investment Banking 101: Operating Model

In this episode of the financial modelling series,

ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker, will describe how to build an operating model for a start-up company with the step-by-step financial modelling guide.

00:42 income statement assumptions

total revenue

cost of goods sold

research & development

sales & marketing

general & administrative expenses

other expenses

26:00 balance sheet assumptions

operating assets

operating liabilities

capex & depreciation schedule

other assumptions

37:30 income statement


gross profit

operating expenses

operating income ( EBIT)

profit before taxes

net income

49:05 balance sheet


liabilities & shareholders equity

01:04:03 cash flow statement

cash flow from operating activities

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