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When Artificial Intelligence Anticipates The Most Curious Human Minds' Questions

The other day, I was watching a TED video and it discussed how the world's best artificial intelligent chess champion computer program written by IBM could not defeat an opponent which was the same program when a human was working with it and putting in the queries, looking to dig deeper in the number of levels of various moves in the game as it was being played. In other words a human plus the artificial intelligent computer could not beat an artificial intelligent computer program alone. Although that might not surprise you, and I must tell you it did not surprise me either, it should make you stop and think.

Now then, with this new knowledge I would submit to you that when artificial intelligence is able to anticipate the most curious and creative human minds, that is when they will become unstoppable. Consider if you will that right now humans fly jet airplanes, and we also have autonomous software which can fly unmanned aerial vehicles for a period of time without any human intervention controlling them. Humans and machines have been working together for quite a while, and the combination is quite efficient an incredible - the human pilot still has the advantage - at least today, humans do. That is still unheard of performance, especially with the two examples I've just given you.

There will be a time very soon where the CEO of the company will actually be an artificial intelligent computer sitting on top of a desk. It may sit in a board room with a number of creative genius thinkers, achieved individuals, and people who have an incredible amount of experience in corporate America running things. They will ask the computer various scenarios, and the computer will go through its data to help make its best decision based on probability. You see, the current day enterprise systems in most major corporations have feelers throughout every business unit and digital nervous system as Bill Gate's once called it in his book; The Road Ahead.

The enterprise software system knows the transactions in sales as they are being made in each one of the store outlets. This system knows every part been ordered, and every part being installed along the assembly line. Today's corporate computer systems know where everything is within the supply chain. They know more about their customers, their habits, and in the future their locations, in such a predictable way that they know more about the customers than the customer knows about themselves.

That is a lot of levels of thinking, and a lot of information. When humans have too much information they tend to make mistakes. When artificial intelligent supercomputers have more of an abundance of information the probability in their decision-making skills of coming up with the best answer improve greatly. All of that is un-debatable, we know this for a fact.

That's why I can safely say right now that when artificial intelligence is able to anticipate what the brightest, most creative, and curious humans minds might come up with next in the way of questions, then it will be posing its own questions and coming up with the answers. At that point no human can outguess it or outthink it. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on "IT" and I know you will, if it doesn't yet, but it will still know you did, someday.

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