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Why You Should Invest in Tesla Stock

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Some day in the future people will be asking their older relatives why they did not invest in Tesla Motors stock (TSLA). They will say that when you have a new car company that has the best all-around car (model S) for 2014 as chosen by Consumer Reports, that is all you need to know to invest in it. They built a better car than all the other companies that had been around for many more decades.

Then you add to it that it is an electric car in a world that is trying to become more green since pollution is not good for anyone. But before I go on further, let us look at the 2 methods of buying stock. First Warren Buffet says that you should only buy stocks that you have no intention to sell unless something very strange happens. Investing in stocks has made him one of the richest people in the world. This method of buying stocks is called investing.

The other method of buying stock is called trading. Some people love gambling and the feeling of winning and losing money. So people like this will have more fun trading stocks. Some stocks will go up while other stocks go down. Now traders have bought stock in Microsoft and but it did not make them wealthy. They bought and sold the stock and maybe it made them some money or maybe it lost them some money.

So for people trading stock, Tesla stock may go up or down in the next few months. But this will focus on investing and where Tesla will be years from now. First look at the CEO, Elon Musk. Before Robert Downey Jr. did his acting as Tony Stark (Iron Man), he interviewed Elon Musk to see what a real genius billionaire is really like. After Musk created and sold PayPal he was a billionaire and was no longer concerned about money.

So what was he concerned with? He wanted to save the world. He decided that what we need to be using is sustainable energy. He became CEO of Tesla Motors and SolarCity that builds solar cells on buildings. His full time job is not Tesla Motors. His full time job is working as a rocket scientist. He is CEO and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for SpaceX. They have a $1.6 billion contract with NASA to do some things for them.

So investing in Tesla stock is all about what they will be like years from now. So far they have sold many cars in the United States, Europe and China. They just started delivering cars in China and Elon Musk has been doing this in person. Also they (or actually SolarCity) has been building charging stations around the world where people can bring their car there and get a free charge. These stations get their electricity from the sun (solar cells).

There has been so much good news about Tesla that people write negative articles about it for people who are tired of all the good news. Tesla has just got another manufacturing plant in California and they have one in Europe. As far as future plans, they will be building a huge giga-factory for making the batteries that they use in their cars. It will be powered by wind turbines and solar cells. Also they will be getting a manufacturing plant in China so they can make them there and save the Chinese an importing fee.

In Norway gas costs about $12 a gallon so they prefer electric cars. They have built enough charging stations there already that 95% of the people there, live within 200 miles of a charging station. They are building charging stations in China. In 2015, they will be selling their model X that is like a big family model of their model S.

Then their next step is to build a car that costs around $35,000 so that most people in the world can be driving that. Would you rather have a $35,000 car that pollutes the air and you have to buy gas for it or a car that does not pollute the air and you can charge it for free with electricity that comes from sunlight?

The author, Chuck Bluestein, was a chemist for the U.S. federal government. He believes in educating instead of medicating when it comes to health. Here is an article that goes more into the details about Tesla Motors and different things that they have accomplished. Also electric cars, like Tesla cars, use lithium-ion batteries so it may be good to also invest in lithium.

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