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Beat The Investment Banker Interview Questions (Series 2 of 3)

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Are you ready to step into one of the world's most challenging and lucrative professions? Being an investment banker is no mean feat. The position calls for someone who is keen, critical, skilled and sharp to manage the finance portfolios, futures and investments of private citizens, businesses and families. The challenge lies in the investment banker's ability to sustain or enhance the financial status of his/her clients, even in the midst of economic adversities.

The application procedures for this position are prerogatives of the institution you are applying with. An application letter is the entry point along with the resume or curriculum vitae. This is the take off point for an interview schedule which is a more intricate procedure in the application process. Interviewers will be shooting questions based on their criteria incorporating the standards for an investment banker. This step is the most crucial of all. Your preparedness and anticipation of the investment banker interview questions matter.

Top 5 Interview Questions

You want to get the job? Get ready for the interview. Every single investment house has its own set of criteria and standards, norms and ethics. Generally speaking, there are standard investment banker interview questions that most of these institutions ask. Questions can sometimes be tricky. However, be prepared for a different scenario.

What do you think of this bank?

This is a tricky question. They just want to know if you know about the company and if you know what you are getting into, which can actually give you an advantage if you get it right and not lose yourself in the process.

What are the most valuable traits needed in investment banking?

Generally refers to your academic background, most likely what have you learned theoretically and if you see yourself having the qualities needed for the job.

What was the worst situation with your clients that you were confronted with?

This question is crucial because crisis management is a skill that an a person involved in investment banking must have.

What are your plans for securing your client's investment portfolios? How do you go about your daily responsibilities?

When asked about this, you should be relieved. You're out of the critical interview portion. This refers to your work ethics, conduct of responsibilities, and performing the job, on a daily basis.

Do you have general strategies on investment banking? How will you implement? What are the systems you will set up?

Look at how you will be able to contribute to the achievement of company goals and how well you know your job.

The interview can go on the pretext of procedural application but it is more of knowing what your personal traits and qualities are. The basics are over.

The investment banker interview questions are the salient elements based on career, educational background, competency, finance and the banking industry and logic. There may be more investment banker interview questions that are equally important to ask during an interview. The top 5 are the basics where your answers are given more weight. Keep your composure, presence of mind and confidence. Do away with gestures to express what you want to say. 

Beat the odds and let them feel that you are the right candidate for the position.

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